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Buy the best Malabar magic mushrooms in USA Monster Malabar magic mushrooms will bring you to a world of pure euphoria and stunning visuals. We believe that Monster Malabar mushies are a strain that everyone should try at least once. Monster Malabar magic mushrooms are giants that have an above-average potency and totally unique effects. If you want to know all about the Monster Malabar strain, then continue reading below.


Buy the best Monster Penis Envy magic mushrooms in USA If you’re looking for a true monster of a strain, then you’ll love Monster Penis Envy magic mushrooms. Monster Penis Envy is a particularly potent strain of the already legendary Penis Envy magic mushrooms. We’re incredibly proud of this strain because Monster Penis Envy was bred by us here at Shroom Bros USA. However, this strain is not for the faint of heart because it’s incredibly potent. If you’re ready to take a true mystical journey, then this may be the one for you. Continue reading below as we tell you everything you need to know about the Monster Penis Envy mushroom strain.


Buy Oak Ridge Magic Mushrooms Oak Ridge is a strain with an epic backstory. Discovered near the secret city that won World War II, Oak Ridge is a strain you can’t pass up. The strain has a raw potency that will sweep you off your feet while providing intense visuals and euphoric sensations. Due to these effects, the strain has become legendary among psychonauts. Oak Ridge is also an excellent strain for experienced psychonauts and daring beginners. Don’t miss out on the chance to try this one-of-a-kind strain. To learn more about Oak Ridge magic mushrooms, continue reading below.



Buy Orissa Shrooms Online

Orissa India magic mushrooms variety is really special. It was another of the discoveries of the great psycho-mycologist John Allen in Asia, and it has surprised everyone with its enormous size. Originally it grows on elephant droppings and forms giant mushrooms, with hats the size of an open han


Buy the best PE #6 magic mushrooms in USA You probably know about the classic strain Penis Envy, but have you heard about Penis Envy #6? If you haven’t, then you’ll be interested to know that Penis Envy #6 magic mushrooms are exactly like classic PE mushies—but way better. Not just in looks but in potency and overall feel. These shrooms will bring you to the highest heights of euphoria and deliver incredible visuals. If you want to know all about PE #6 mushrooms, then continue reading below. Psychedelic Profile
Compound % of total material mg per g
Psilocin 0.022 0.22
Psilocybin 0.880 8.80
Tryptophan ND N/A


Buy the best Dino Eggs mushrooms in USA Most people’s first reaction to PE Dino Eggs is one of confusion. However, after ingesting them, it’s one of complete surprise as they’re lifted high into the cosmos and beyond. Let us be the first to tell you that Penis Envy Dino Eggs are no joke. This is perhaps one of the most potent strains we’ve ever had the pleasure of growing. Be warned, this strain isn’t for beginners, and even experienced psychonauts will be caught off guard. You’ll experience intense yet smooth visuals that will leave you floored. That’s not all because PE Dino Eggs are part of a new breed of magic mushrooms that don’t look like magic mushrooms at all. If you’d like to know more about the Penis Envy Dino Eggs strain, then continue reading below Psychedelic Profile
Compound % of total material mg per g
Psilocin 0.045 0.45
Psilocybin 1.498 14.98
Tryptophan ND N/A
ND = None Detected


Buy the best Penis Envy magic mushrooms in USA If you’re looking for magic mushrooms that will sweep you off your feet, then Penis Envy is the strain you’re looking for. This all-time classic is known for having a much higher potency than other strains of Psilocybe cubensis. One characteristic of Penis Envy magic mushrooms is their intensely visual experience. However, that’s not all because Penis Envy is a strain that packs many different effects. If you’d like to know all about Penis Envy magic mushrooms, then continue reading below.


Buy the best PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms in USA If you’re looking for a strain of magic mushrooms that will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, then look no further than PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms. These little beauties will lift you up into a state of pure euphoria with strong visuals. However, you’ll need to take a little less than your usual dose because PES Hawaiian shrooms give an extra-strong kick. That’s because it turns out that these unique fungi have a lot of history. Continue reading below to find out everything you need to know about PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms.


Buy the best Blue Pulaski Magic Mushroom in USA
RIC FLAIR is an interesting strain that was developed in-house at SB Labs. It is based off the genetics of the Penis Envy Uncut magic mushroom strain with some breeder secret genetics. It is incredibly potent and difficult to grow; we’ve spent close to a year perfecting the genetics before we released it to the public. This is by far the most potent strain of magic mushrooms we’ve ever carried!


Buy the best Shakti magic mushrooms in USA Shakti Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Shakti) also known as Shataki or Albino Malabar magic mushrooms is an albino variation of the famous Malabar strain that originates from the Indian Malabar Coast. The Shakti shrooms are characterized by pure white coloured fruit bodies, generally with thick stems and thick round caps. The spores from Albino Malabar shrooms are transparent! Expect above average potency with this unique mushroom strain. Our staff report a good balance of laughter and deep introspection. Depending on your setting this strain can be great for using alone or in a group setting.


Buy the best Stargazer magic mushrooms in USA Stargazer mushrooms were found in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, most notably around the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. You’ll also likely read that Stargazers owe their popularity to Paul Stamets and J.S. Chilton, who first featured them in his book The Mushroom Cultivator in 1983. The latter claim, at least, is untrue. Stamets and Chilton write about several strains of cubensis, yet the strains are named by their place of origin: Amazonian, Ecuadorian, Matias Romero, Misantla, and Palenque. The potency of Psilocybe cubensis strains—Stargazer included—predominantly depends on environmental and growth conditions. So, like all cubies, Stargazer samples can likely be quite potent; it doesn’t take a considerable amount of psilocybin to produce a strong and meaningful trip. As such, “start low, go slow” are common words of advice from experienced psychonauts.


Buy the best Steel Magnolia magic mushrooms in USA Though relatively rare in the shroom market today, the Steel Magnolia of the Psilocybe family is a new and powerful strain. Interestingly, two mycologists developed it by separating sporangiophore collected from a wild Mississippi variant sample in 2011. They are large and generally presumed to be of the same or even higher potency than the popular Penis Envy variants. Known for its warm coloration and characteristic appearance and the fact that it gives an exhilarating sense of spirituality, it is not quite recommended for newbies due to its high strength. While it can be used to have fun during parties and also wisely used for therapeutic assignments, it is not recommended to be taken in high doses in party or group outings.