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Buy the best Dino Eggs mushrooms in USA Most people’s first reaction to PE Dino Eggs is one of confusion. However, after ingesting them, it’s one of complete surprise as they’re lifted high into the cosmos and beyond. Let us be the first to tell you that Penis Envy Dino Eggs are no joke. This is perhaps one of the most potent strains we’ve ever had the pleasure of growing. Be warned, this strain isn’t for beginners, and even experienced psychonauts will be caught off guard. You’ll experience intense yet smooth visuals that will leave you floored. That’s not all because PE Dino Eggs are part of a new breed of magic mushrooms that don’t look like magic mushrooms at all. If you’d like to know more about the Penis Envy Dino Eggs strain, then continue reading below Psychedelic Profile
Compound % of total material mg per g
Psilocin 0.045 0.45
Psilocybin 1.498 14.98
Tryptophan ND N/A
ND = None Detected