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Our psilocybin syrup is a product we have been experimenting with and engineering for over a year! The idea is to create a product that will allow our customers to carefully and meticulously measure out their micro- and macro-doses, all while consuming a psilocybin product that is rapidly absorbed and doesn’t cause gutrot. Our months upon months of experimentation have eventually terminated in this: Psillosizzurp. Psilosizzurp is a distillate-based syrup that can be consumed on its own, or mixed with your favourite beverage. The ingredient list is simple, the taste is delicious, the trip is incredible & the gutrot is nowhere to be found! Bottles come in small (6 fl oz/180ml) and large (12 fl oz/360 ml) sizes. For dosing, we recommend the following: Small Dose: 1 fl oz (30 ml) Medium Dose: 2 fl oz (60 ml) Large Dose: 3 fl oz (90 ml)