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Buy the best Trinity Magic Mushroom in USA
If you’re looking for the holy trinity of incredible potency, visuals, and feelings—then look no further. Trinity is a magic mushroom that was destined for greatness. That’s because this strain has some of the most unique genetics. The result is an incredible strain with pure potency and some of the most diverse and extraordinary effects. If you’d like to know all about the Trinity magic mushroom strain, then continue reading below.



Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar (Vegan Dark)

Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar Here at Megga Shrooms USA, we wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy a magic mushroom chocolate bar. That’s why we created a delicious Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is loaded with psilocybin, ready to lift your consciousness to new heights. What it’s not loaded with are any animal products of any kind. Our vegan dark chocolate bar is sure to give you an unforgettable magic mushroom experience. If you’d like to know more about our Magic Mushroom Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar and how to use it, then continue reading below.
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Wavy Bar

Buy Wavy Bar online | Wavy Bar for sale Wavy Bar chocolates are indeed a mushroom bar that is dominated

Wavy Bar Cookies and Cream

Buy Wavy Bar Cookies and Cream online | Wavy Bar Cookies and Cream for sale Cookies and cream Wavy Bars

Wavy Bar Wholesale

Buy Wavy Bar Wholesale online |  Wavy Bar Wholesale for sale Wavy Bar chocolates are indeed a mushroom bar that


Buy the best Wavy Z magic mushrooms in USA Wavy Z magic mushrooms are unique, but not just because of their wavy cap. Wavy Z is actually an entirely different species of magic mushrooms. Most strains and varieties you see online are Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. However, Wavy Z is a species known as Psilocybe cyanescens. That’s not the only difference because Wavy Z magic mushrooms are incredibly potent and kick in fast. If you’d like to learn more about Wavy Z magic mushrooms and why they’re fantastic, then continue reading below.


Buy the best White Rabbit magic mushrooms in USA
If you follow this White Rabbit, you’re sure to fall down the rabbit hole. That’s because White Rabbit magic mushrooms make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. White Rabbit is a strain as potent as it is beautiful, which is to say, incredibly. You’ll have vivid hallucinations, pure euphoria, and deep spirituality with these incredible magic mushrooms. However, White Rabbit magic mushrooms have an exciting lineage which is why they look so incredible. Find out everything you need to know about White Rabbit magic mushrooms by reading below.


Buy the best Wollygong magic mushrooms in USA Wollygong magic mushrooms not only have a unique name but have unique effects that can only be described as intense. However, that’s not a bad thing because these shrooms pack some seriously incredible visuals and philosophical introspection. Beginners will need to tread lightly with Wollygong magic mushrooms, but experienced psychonauts will undoubtedly have a blast. Continue reading below as we tell you everything you need to know about Wollygong Magic Mushrooms. Psychedelic Profile
Compound % of total material mg per g
Psilocin ND N/A
Psilocybin 0.437 4.37
Tryptophan ND N/A

Wonder Bar

Buy Wonder Bar online | Wonder Bar for sale Wonder Bar Magic Mushrooms, by Canna Banana, is the pinnacle of

Wonka Bar

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Buy the best Yeti magic mushrooms in USA Yeti is a strain that’s part of a new generation of magic mushrooms. We mean that Yeti has all the perfect shroom characteristics while being absolutely unique. One look at Yeti, and you’ll be sure that you’ve seen a monster. Once you try Yeti magic mushrooms, you’ll be in for an incredible experience like none other. Intense audio and visual hallucinations will greet you as you ride into the cosmos. This strain is excellent for experienced psychonauts who want to try the latest and greatest. If you’d like to know more about Yeti magic mushrooms, then continue reading below.


ZAPE Magic Mushrooms are a brand-new strain we’re bringing to you guys first! We look forward to hearing your feedback 🙂